Product designer & front-end developer

Passionately building digital interfaces for over a decade. Most experienced in crafting UX/UI for web and mobile, but also a skilled front of the front-end developer. Living in cosmopolitan Belgrade.

As a designer and developer hybrid, I understand that the perfect user experience comes from interfaces that look good and function even better.

I architect information holistically and by focusing on essence of a product, putting a lot of effort into things like grids, typography and color schemes, all the way down to nifty animations that help people understand an element's function trough motion, if necessary. Always striving to make it unique, meaningful, aesthetic and long-lasting. I try as hard as I can to bring a little innovation to everything I do.


Whether you’re in need of a design for a web product, mobile app or a dashboard of a car, my goal is to focus on the content and convey your message to the screen so the user can understand it effortlessly.


Believing that the interface is a living thing, meant for people to interact with, I like prototyping my designs with HTML, CSS and basic javaScript. CMS integration is something that I used to do, as well.




User Experience Design


User Interface Design


User Research


Mobile & Responsive Design


Information Architecture


Wireframing and Prototyping


HTML, CSS and javaScript



Work Experience

I've been lucky enough to learn working in various environments so far: A successful startup, a failed one, and an outsourcing company.


Feb 2019 - Apr 2020

UX/UI Designer

After working at a few startups, working at an outsourcing company, which is Google Ventures and StartX preferred partner, was a well-worth experience. I worked for three different clients, designing two web app dashboards and one cross-platform React Native mobile app, as well as a lot of different in-house print and artwork with the marketing team.

Optimised Healthcare

Dec 2017 - Dec 2018

Lead Product Designer & Front-end Developer

Worked closely with CEO, CTO and stakeholders on designing the interface for the cloud-based preventive and predictive medicine platform. Created style guides, crafted UX flows, developed and implemented design standards. Later, the startup has failed to find investments and eventually shut down, mostly because the product was "ahead of its time".


Nov 2013 - Nov 2017

UX/UI Designer & Front-end Developer

Helped to shape the future of app streaming. As one of the earliest employees (the headcount grew around 15 times during my tenure), responsibilities included all-things UX/UI and front-end related. Some of the customers were Adobe, Bentley, Siemens, AutoDesk, SolidWorks, Proctor & Gamble, US Government… and investors included well established VCs such as Bain Capital Ventures and Microsoft Ventures. Later, the company was sold to Nutanix for $165M, which was the record amount when it comes to Serbian startups.


2010 - Oct 2013

Web Designer, WordPreess Developer and Blogger

Started as a successful “one-man show” as a web designer, developer and blogger. Made a lot of websites for all kinds of businesses and people, from IT agencies and truck navigation companies to photographers and chefs. Was a speaker at a few conferences, such as Blogomanija and biZbuZZ, on design related subjects.


Some awesome people that I used to work with have been saying nice words about me. If you need full and signed recommendation letters, do not hesitate to ask.


He is a very smart, multi-talented and team-oriented UI/UX powerhouse. His communication skills are one of his best personal assets - in just a couple of days he was levelled with the rest of the team, even though we had months of advantage over him. He is also ultra-fast in implementation and has helped us to deliver with quality and on time. His time from idea to realisation is measured in hours and that made him a truly valuable member of our team.

Mladen Đorđević

Product Manager — Nutanix Frame


Milos designed the UX for a complex health and wellness data platform, doing the entire job from scratch, since no examples or solutions existed at that time. He did a marvellous job, managing to balance between the complexity of the system and simplicity for the user in a way to both keep maximal efficiency as well as ease of use. He is fast, creative and innovative, with a good eye for detail. I recommend him for collaboration wholeheartedly.

Nikola Stanojević

CTO & Co-Founder — Optimised Healthcare


It was such a pleasure working with Milos! His main virtue is creativity, which was not only recognized in his amazing designs, but also in the energy he shared with people, engaging them in different fun activities. Oh, and ask this guy to play something on a guitar - you will definitely enjoy it!

Ivan Dragošan

General Manager — Symphony

Background Story

TLDR; I am both creative and logically minded guy who finds answers and loves what he does.

When I discovered a hyperlink, it was a love at first sight. I was downloading free web templates and playing with their code, until I was able to make my own, from scratch. And to be a Webmaster sounded kinda cool, right?  But then I started to wander... Why this size? Why this shape? Why this color? And don't even get me started on fonts. They looked pretty, for sure. But that's subjective. I couldn't stop asking myself: Should everything really be this way? And just like that, without even knowing it, I've started to learn design.

What kept me interested is that I saw it as the only field where I can merge the two, some may think, opposite areas: creativity & science. I was always a creative guy — bend over drawing board, playing various instruments and fiddling with words. But I also had a strong interest in science, psychology, physics... For me, to be a designer was to live in a magical land where you get to be creative, but you also need to be tech-savvy. It's where you should know how something functions so you can shape it for others to understand. It's where everything always moves forward and never goes to sleep. More then a decade later - nothing has changed. I'm still learning.

Along the way, I discovered that I'm most passionate about architecting information and making something understandable. For me, making you say beautiful means that you can relate to it, which implies understanding. I'm more of a holistic thinker, always asking questions and thinking about the big picture. So, focusing on a Product as a whole, and specializing in UX as the sum of everything, both visible and not, made the most sense for me.

I like words and numbers and all operations that can be done with them. I love colors, shapes and sounds and all the emotions that can be created with them. I like to spend my leisure time with my friends. But besides that, and apart from screens, you’ll probably find me reading, doodling, or playing music.


Prior to Belgrade, I was living in Niš and Knjaževac.


16personalities says that I'm an ENTP-A type.


I was an active amateur astronomer and attendee at a few science programs at Petnica Science Center, Astronomy and Electronics & Robotics. 


I finished primary musicians school and play several instruments. I was a producer of a youth radio show at a local radio-station and I had a punk-rock band. Nowadays I mostly hit keys and bend strings playing the blues. My favorite song is "Johnny B Goode".


My favorite book is "The Art of War".


My favorite movie is "The Legend of 1900".


I enjoy gaming. Currently, my favorite games are PES and RDRII, but I also enjoy indie games such as Inside or Never Alone, as well as one-touch mobile games like Altos Oddysey and Monument Valley. 


Big fan of soccer. Red Star Belgrade and Manchester United supporter.

Website Colophon

Who likes fun facts? Here are a few: You are browsing probably the first responsive website on Balkan internet [↗]. It lives on this domain since 2011.

For almost ten years, this domain was a "comming soon" place where people would just be redirected to my blog archive (it's in Serbian). Yes, I got all of my jobs until now without even having an online portfolio. Crazy, right? Well, with all this lockdown madness and more free time up my sleeve, I decided to change this and try to put some information here.

After almost a month of fiddling with words and pixels, after 732849 designs and iterations — I finally chose (guess what) the simplest one. I was building on WordPress since I can remember, and I know how time-consuming that can be, so I decided to trust Semplice's promise of quickly building fine pages.

There's a lot to be done: I want to develop my own custom theme, to publish some blog articles in english, and a propper contact page is in my plans. And I definitely need to create better case studies, and to include new work. The contet is still dry and distorted, but it's real and trustworthy. Watch this place, more is comming!


Type set with Real Head Pro by Erik Spiekermann & this lovely ampersand is from Playfair Display by Claus Eggers Sørensen.


Most of the icons are from beautifully crafted open source Ionicons set.


Designed in Sketch.


Runs on WordPress with Semplice.