Branding & Illustration

Although these design disciplines are far from my main expertise, I like to step out of the comfort zone from time to time and challenge myself with something that I'm not used to. Just to keep the creative juices flowing.

Macintosh Illustration


Here's to the crazy ones. An afternoon project, with the goal to recreate the first Apple Macintosh machine in flat design style. Entirely done in Sketch.

Organization Logo

Organization is a diverse group of artists, architects, chefs, designers, social scientists, lawyers, and various enthusiasts, united by common values and a common vision, an eclectic revival of Balkan Tribal and Ethnic Culture through modern media and means, in the style of the Goa revolution from India. Their mission is to introduce and promote a creative, aware, eco-friendly, and productive culture in our environment, and to open borders for international cooperation and friendship with like-minded enthusiasts.

The goal was to design a recognizable brandmark, with the letter O, a bit of “twisted” feeling, and one that resembles traditional ornaments and ethnic patterns from Balkans, shown below.

To keep it simple, but still achieve that ethinc pattern effect, playing with symmetry did the job and OCD is, obviosly, overcomed :)


The final logo design even ended up being a tattoo! How awesome is that?


SOMA Branding

SOMAfungi was established to research and develop mushroom growing systems and fungi-based technology focused on reducing pollution, improving health and enriching nutrition.

The idea behind this logo was to combine mark and text to create an emblem that resembles the mushroom, with it’s spores and stem.

Color palette needed to make you think organic, and one of the requests was to use fonts from the free Google Fonts library for this branding mini-project.

See it in action below.


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