A venue-focused social network. The idea behind it was for it to be an alternate society where you can look for the best deals within your community and meet those from the community with similar interests.


The logo was provided, and I used its gradient to build a main theme used in this app. The app itself was going to be built in React Native and ported to both iOS and Android, so the challenge here was to desgin something that users of both platforms will be familiar with, and try not to break either of Human Interface Guidelines nor Material Design rules. You be the judge.

At the beggining, the app was supposed to be focused on dating and friendships, but along the way it became more venue-focused.

The Signup Process

A few splash screens, options to sign up with a facebook account or a phone number, errors handling and selecting interests to get you started. 

ociety-1-Splash Screen 1
ociety-2-Splash Screen 2
ociety-3-Splash Screen 3
ociety-5-Phone No
ociety-6-Verification Code
ociety-8-Username Error
ociety-9-Select Interests

Locations (Venues)

The main part of the app shows you nearby locations that you might be interested in, with its distances and discounts. A single location screen features an image slider and venue description, along with current events. 

ociety-12-Locations v2
ociety-14-Location Single

Matching & Friends

Swiping user avatars on orbit-like path was a request. From there, you can either see someone's profile or ask them to be your friend, if you share interests in similar events.



A messaging system allows exchanging information with your selected circle of new online friends. So, yeah, classic messaging.

ociety-17-Search Messages
ociety-16-Messages Single

Profile & Settings

What's classic messaging without even more classic profile info and settings pages? That's right.

ociety-19-Profile Friend
ociety-18-Profile User
ociety-20-Edit Profile

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